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What are Marginal Tax Rates? (With Examples for Expats)

Expat woman on her laptop researches a common question, "What are marginal tax rates?"

“What are marginal tax rates?” This query introduces a fundamental yet often misunderstood element of global tax systems.  Marginal tax rates, require a nuanced understanding to fully appreciate their impact on individual fiscal responsibilities.  In the following article, we will define marginal tax rates, introduce strategies to potentially reduce your marginal tax rate, and offer […]

Differences Between an Independent Contractor and an Employee

US expat exits a meeting after discussing the difference between independent contractor and employee.

With remote work, the gig economy, and digital nomadism disrupting the traditional employment model, a crucial question arises: What’s the difference between an independent contractor and an employee? Virtually all Americans have heard of these terms, and most have an idea of what they mean, but not everyone is aware of the important distinctions between […]

5 Reasons to Maintain a US Address while Living Abroad

US mailbox

Although maintaining a US address may not be a priority when moving overseas, understanding how to do so is beneficial. Despite varying circumstances, having a US mailbox while living abroad can often prevent future logistical issues. But what exactly are the benefits of maintaining a US mailing address, and how can you do so? We’ll […]

Transferring Large Sums of Money Internationally

US expat counting hundred-dollar bills in preparation for sending large sums of money overseas.

Whether you’re transferring foreign earnings to a US bank account, financially supporting your family in another country, or purchasing property overseas, life as an expat often involves transferring large sums of money internationally. Despite how common it is to move large sums of money internationally, doing so can trigger additional reporting obligations or incur expensive […]

How to Change State Residency for Taxes [Expat Strategies]

US expat plays chess, a visual analogy of the strategy necessary behind changing state residency when living abroad.

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure, but certain details, like determining and possibly changing your state residency for tax purposes, can be less exhilarating.   Even if aspects like these aren’t terribly exciting, though, they are important. Your state residency can have major tax implications, so it’s worth taking the time to read up on […]

Taxes on Lottery Winnings for US Expats & Nonresident Aliens

A US expat looking at her laptop in surprise because she has just won the lottery and needs to pay taxes on lottery winnings.

Taxes on lottery winnings can significantly impact the financial outcome for lucky individuals who hold a winning ticket. For US expats who enjoy trying their luck in the lottery, understanding the implications of winning is especially important. US citizens and permanent residents residing outside the United States are still obligated to file an annual tax […]

UK Capital Gains Tax & Residential Property Disposals

US expats abroad calculating their UK capital gains tax

For US expats living in the UK, the phrase “capital gains taxes” is likely familiar. Just like in the US, capital gains taxes in the UK are levied on the proceeds arising from the sale of certain assets. This includes, in some cases, residential property. Of course, the specific ways that capital gains taxes on […]