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Book a direct consultation with one of our expert CPAs and get answers straight from a highly experienced US expat tax specialist. They’ll dive into the details of your unique situation and provide you with personalized advice.

Know Where You Stand

If you’re planning a move overseas, your Bright!Tax CPA will help with every step – both before and after relocating – to ensure you remain as tax efficient as possible and stay compliant.

Have you received a letter from the IRS? Maybe there’s a particular question from a past tax return or a financial arrangement.  Whatever your concerns, your Bright!Tax CPA will help you discover the best path forward.

Chat On Your Terms

Meet with your Bright!Tax CPA for a phone or video chat – your choice. If you prefer communicating by email, that’s okay, too. We tailor our service to your needs.

30 minutes is normally enough time to address your unique tax situation. Our CPA consultations are a reasonable $260 per 30-minute session.

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Our $260 fee for up to 30 minutes covers almost every consultation

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