Our People

Our Executive Team

Katelynn Minott Bright!Tax US Expat Taxes CEO

Katelynn Minott

CEO, Managing CPA

From Bright!Tax's first CPA to CEO, Katelynn's journey reflects her visionary leadership, transforming our firm into a global expat tax authority, grounded in her rich PwC heritage.

Allyson Lindsey Bright!Tax US Expat Taxes COO

Allyson Lindsey

COO, Managing CPA

Allyson, transitioning from Deloitte's international tax advisory to Bright!Tax, now leads our tax prep and development team with a focus on excellence and innovation.

Sarah Dewald, Bright!Tax CMO

Sarah Dewald


Through a deep understanding of our clients' needs, Sarah leads the Marketing team in crafting compelling communications that resonate with Americans living abroad.

Our Tax Manager Team

Jeff Chaney expat tax CPA

Jeff Chaney

Managing CPA

Jeff was previously a Senior Tax Associate in Andersen Tax LLC’s Private Client Services Department in Seattle.

Nicolas Castillo expat tax CPA

Nicolas Castillo

Managing CPA

Nicolas previously worked as an International Tax Senior at Grant Thornton serving multinationals and expats.

Brittany Lally expat tax CPA

Brittany Lally

Managing CPA

Prior to joining Bright!Tax, Brittany was a manager at EY, where she worked in Texas, the UK, and Ireland.

Meghan Caldwell Bright!Tax Tax Project Coordinator

Melissa Groves

Managing CPA

Melissa has over 14 years' experience assisting individuals with their personal and business tax compliance.

Brianna Zell Bright!Tax Manager

Brianna Zell

Managing CPA

Brianna is a CPA with over 8 years of tax preparation and global mobility experience.

Cameron Jacques Bright!Tax Manager

Cameron Jacques

Tax Manager

Before joining Bright!Tax, Cameron spent three years working for DHG. Here, he specialized in business returns and income tax provisions for multinational corporations.

Virginia Gonzalez Vazquez

Virginia Gonzalez Vazquez

Tax Manager

Virginia has 8 years of experience working in expat tax. She is an EA and received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

Tania Flores, Senior Associate at Bright!Tax

Tania Flores

Tax Manager

Prior to joining our team, she worked as an experienced associate in the International Tax Services department at PWC Mexico, where she provided corporate US tax compliance services to large multinational groups.

Amanda Crowley Bright!Tax US Expat Taxes EA

Amanda Crowley

Managing EA

Amanda lives in Sweden, and is one of our most highly experienced expat tax professionals.

Carlos Rendon US expat tax service manager

Carlos Rendon

Managing EA

Carlos is an EA and received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

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