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What is a Golden Visa? An Opportunity to Expand Frontiers

Two golden visa holders walking down a staircase.

If you’re exploring different possibilities for immigration, you might have noticed that many visa options require a job offer in a host country. This may represent an obstacle if you’re not looking for a job but would still like to secure a second passport or relocate abroad to enjoy a better quality of life. We […]

How to Avoid Homesickness: An Expat Holiday Briefing

How to avoid homesickness is a challenging question for expats living outside the US. Pictured: two expats at a Christmas market.

Figuring out how to avoid homesickness during the holiday season can be a real challenge, especially for US expats far from their core support system. Fortunately, there are ways to bring a slice of home to wherever you are. We’re here to share some thoughtful strategies to keep the holiday spirit alive, even across the […]